Michelle Spinner

I had been doing Pilates for four years before I met Michelle. Since then I have been training with her for about thirteen years now. I stayed with Michelle because she creates workouts tailored to my personal physical condition taking into account any medical problems I may have at any specific time. I saw tremendous progress in my physical abilities and significant improvement in my overall body shape. I am stronger now than I ever was (I am 56). When you work with Michelle you work hard and it pays off.

/  Sonia Bromberg, Lawyer  /


I broke my back in a horse-riding accident and am at risk for disc degeneration and arthritic spurs - none of that yet, thanks to Michelle. She has been brilliant, intuitive, and enthusiastically supportive in what will be my life-long recovery.

/  Elizabeth, Aged 63  /


I came to Michelle after years of trying things that didn't work. Traditional chiropractors and physical therapists had always provided relief, but never really a permanent solution. Michelle, however, genuinely helped me get to the root of my body's pain and mobility issues; and along the way, I've developed a much deeper intuition about how my body moves - a connection that I hadn't even known was possible beforehand.

Working with Michelle has changed my life. It has been both a journey and commitment, but one I wouldn't trade for anything.

/  Joey H., Digital Media and Advertising  /


After emergency brain surgery and six weeks of convalescent bed rest, I was a physical wreck. Too weak to return to my yoga practice, but longing to stretch and move again. So I put myself in Michelle's capable hands, and through her gentle Gyrotonic coaching, within six months I had regained my coordination and sense of fitness. She is an exceptional trainer.

/  Marisa Bartolucci, Magazine Editor  /